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What do we do?

IT Development 

  • We have highly experienced teams (more than 20 years in SAP), and updated in the latest technologies:


    Node JS – Angular 6

    Mobile (Android, iOS) native and hybrid.

    Infrastructure and Platform Cloud.

    SAP Experts 

    We were born with a great specialization in SAP environment and thanks to that and after more than 20 years we have positioned ourselves as a reference in provide resources in this area in which we have more than 230 professionals in projects and more than 3,000 candidates with whom he has collaborated in different processes.

    Artificial Inteligence & Blockchain 

    • Conversational Robots text and voice.
    • Visual recognition of images.
    • Smart Translation .
    • Pattern Search in multiple sources.
    • Tokenization of assets in Blockchain.
    • Certification of immutability of your data.
    • Blockchain private (Hyperledger) and public.


    Supported by our teams, we help our clients to have the best professionals of the sector, without any risk.

    From our offices, or sending consultants to your facilities. And in a wide catalog of Technologies: Abap IV, Java, Node.js, Angular, Express, Ionic, Mobile …

    It’s never been so easy and fast to have expert professionals working with you.

    Infrastructure and Cloud 

    Thanks to our experts in systems and Cloud environments, we offer a complete range of solutions and services, in Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a service. IaaS, SaaS and PaaS.

    We are specialized partners at:
    IBM Cloud
    Microsoft Azure
    Amazon Web Services


    The objective of this service is to provide highly trained and experienced professionals to our clients for their IT projects. We identify the best resources in the market according to the personal requirements of our clients.



    Internet: Java, J2EE, Net

    Free Software(Liferay, Alfresco, Pentaho, etc)

    Business Intelligence: Microstrategy, Clikview, SAP BI, Business Objectrs, Insight

    Functional Intelligence, Technical Analysts, Architects


    Lotus Notes


    Databases: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server

    Project Managers



    Because we believe that today’s professional needs to be constantly trained, we offer a set of contents developed both for classroom training and through the Internet, or combination of both.


    Defining Targets

    Definition and Design of the Training Plan

    Impartition Training

    Evaluation of Information Technology

    Tailor-made training: Modular and “ad hoc” training that S & M offers its clients so that it adapts to the training plan of the company and to the specific needs demanded in the training area.

    Mentoring: Consultoría de formación focalizada en servicios puntuales de alto nivel en las tareas críticas de puestTraining consultancy focused on specific high-level services in the critical tasks of implementation of the training received: projects, development, tests, audits, …

    Full Training Outsourcing



    Because the costs, time and resources are critical factors of a project, implementing with our team it will allow you to reduce the risk of estimation errors. We rely heavily on the training and experience of our resources to help them fulfill their plans. Our work methodology supports our daily work.



    Advisable for when it is not possible to predict the total hours required due to the nature of the project (requirements and variable duration) .


    We work with the needs of our clients in the definition of scopes, characteristics and times of the work plan to achieve the objective wanted. S & M develops projects in order to ensure that critical business applications meet accepted service levels and avoid monetary losses due to unplanned downtime in applications, servers.

    Full Cycle Software Methodologies:

    Analysis | Design | Development | Deployment | Integration (EAI) | Testing | Maintenance | Operation | Support

    Integral Support 


    We help our clients solve the specific problems of their IT infrastructure that could happen, according to the different levels of complexity.


    Once the software was in production, we take care of performance improvement, error correction and the adaptation to changes.


    Committed to the objectives of our clients.


    Buenos Aires
    Santiago de Chile


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